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Treasurebase is a peer to peer financial platform that cuts across Africa and the world at large with the aim to end financial crises.

About Treasurebaseinvestment

Treasurebase Investment is a global community that cuts across Africa and the world at large with the mission to curb financial crisis and give rise to a better life. This is a peer to peer platform built for a long term financial stability, which can be operated anywhere in the world.

We Strongly believe in the power of peer to peer financial stability which will aid solve most individual financial crisis in today's world. Our core value is to establish an African Treasurebase which will cut across continents around the globe for those in search of financial freedom.


We want an African with increased financial opportunities, to not only curb his financial crisis but built a Treasure Environment with this finances, be an employer of labour, decrease unemployment and increase a better life.
We want to connect people from divers ethnicity, culture and nationalities who share similar ideas to curb individual financial instability and make Africa and the world at large financially free.

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Invest with 100% peace of mind as we have the best system security team on board and a good 50% profit in return on investment


Watch your accruals grow in real time and monitor how much revenue is being generated for you..


You have zero chances of losing your investments as all our assets are duly covered by inssurance..

Profit Calculator

If you need to calculate how much profit you will make from your investment, kindly use the profit calculator below.


Here you earn money from your investment by gaining 50% ROI in 5 days.
You can invest

Your Investment begins to grow immediately you create an Investment.

Day 1= 10%
Day 2= 20%
Day 3=30%
Day 4= 40%
Day 5=50%

Your Investment stops growing at day 5, immediately a withdrawal button will be up for withdrawal.

You are to make payment only to bank details that appeared on your payment merged list.

You have 24hours to make payment after being merged else your account will be suspended.

You are to make withdrawal on the 5th day of your investment after your investment maturity date.

Guider Bonuses

You can also earn money with or without investing through Guider bonuses. You become a Guider by clicking on "Become a Guider" in your user dashboard, then you can share your refferal link.

In Treasurebase you earn 4% of your refferal's Investments as a bonus. You can withdraw your refferal bonuses at N5,000 maximum.